CBD oil Israel: Where can I buy CBD oil in Israel?

שתפו את הכתבה


I am a Spanish citizen who lives in Israel for the past 5 years, and I would like to know where I can buy CBD oil in Israel. Is it legal to sell it in Israel?
Thank you.

By law selling CBD oil or any CBD products is not legal in Israel.
According to the Israeli law, any substance that is produced from the Cannabis plant is illegal and therefore also CBD oil isn't legal.
The Ministry of Health in Israel is leading a reform to allow the use and the selling of CBD products in Israel, but this reform is stuck because of the instability of the government and the coming elections.

Shipping CBD products to Israel

Most Israeli CBD consumers buy the CBD product they need from online CBD shops located outside Israel.

we recommend to buy CBD oil from canabd.co.il which is an online CBD shop shipping to Israel and it is located in the UK.